Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Property Professionals may join BOMA Omaha in either of two categories of membership.

  • The Regular BOMA membership is composed of companies, partnerships or other entities, represented by individuals who are owners, managers, developers, leasing professionals, medical office building managers, corporate facility managers, or asset managers of buildings containing at least 10,000 square feet


  • If multiple managers from the same company join BOMA, one member is designated as the Regular Building Member  and pays full membership dues.  Additional members pay discounted Additional Regular Member dues


  • The Allied membership is composed of companies, represented by individuals, providing products or services to the commercial real estate industry. Jointly, these two groups work to accomplish the goals set forth by this organization.


Dues Schedule 

Specific dues rates are below.

  • Regular Building Member   $610 Annually
  • Additional Regular Building Member  $299 Annually 
  • Allied Member   $760 Annually
  • Young Professional Member - $199 Annually
  • Educator or Student Member - $49 Annually
  • BOMA Omaha Cornerstone Partner - $5,000
  • BOMA Omaha Leadership Partner - $2,500
  • BOMA Omaha Supporting Partner - $1,250




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