Through its Government Affairs Committee, BOMA Omaha stays alert to issues and actions in the Omaha and Lincoln metro areas, the Nebraska Unicameral, and, through BOMA International, actions in Washington, DC.
Flawed legislative proposals and regulatory actions can mean unnecessary costs, administrative burdens, and legal liabilities for building owners and managers.  When such issues occur, BOMA makes every effort to represent the interests of its core members, working for modifications, alternative approaches, or, when necessary, the elimination of unwarranted legislative initiatives and regulatory actions.

BOMA‘s Message to Lawmakers

The real estate industry, in all its parts and affiliated businesses, is a significant contributor to the economic revenue base of government and is responsible for a large majority of local, county and state taxes.  When the commercial real estate industry prospers, so do revenues to local governments through our share of taxes.  Economic expansion and the prosperity of the real estate industry are vital to our state and local economies and communities.
We ask lawmakers to test their legislative actions by these two questions: 

  1. What will the issues being considered do to promote the creation of jobs?
  2. Could the issues under consideration have the consequence of costing jobs?

BOMA Omaha feels that the citizens and voters of are best served by enacting legislation and regulatory relief that stimulates the economy through job creation and economic growth.  Job creation increases the economy’s ability to meet the State’s revenue needs while enhancing the quality of life and prosperity and opportunity for all.


Federal Advocacy

BOMA International's work on the national level has returned millions of dollars to commercial real estate building owners and managers.

BOMA saved the industry nearly $2 billion in legislative victories along.

  • The extension of the 15-year depreciation timeline for tenant improvements
  • Tax deductions for brownfields remediation costs
  • Energy efficiency retrofits

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